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Welcome to Justice Aviation
Date Posted: Apr 23rd, 14

New Aircraft on the Flight Line! Cessna 182RG

N7348X a completely refurbished Cessna 182Rg capable of steady cruise over 165mph, autopilot with altitude hold and waas gps.

Load up the seats, load up the tanks and go! A real cross country performer.

Date Posted: Jan 13th, 15

New Aircraft on the Flight Line! Cessna Aerobat
A versatile and rugged airplane for basic flight training and also basic aerobatics we have added a Cessna 152 Aerobat, certified for +6G, -3G maneuvers. N761SS, take it out for a spin, literally... or just to practice some landings.
Date Posted: Jan 9th, 15

New Aircraft on the Flight Line! Cirrus SR22

Justice has added a powerful and luxurious 2004 310hp Cirrus SR22 equipped with the latest Avidyne avionics release. N464PC, Capable of cruise speeds over 200mph it's a great machine for those long cross country trips.


Date Posted: Jan 9th, 15

New Light Sport Aircraft Discovery Flight!
Take a Discovery Flight in our Brand New Light Sport Aircraft for $129!
Date Posted: Apr 23rd, 14

Santa Monica Airport History

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you are interested in Santa Monica Airport History checkout this slide show!


Date Posted: Nov 21st, 13

Justice Lightens UP

Fly the New Alpha Trainer
It's a HOOT!

* Simple. Easy to fly. Stable. Fun!
* Safe (equipped with ballistic parachute!)
* Quiet (less than 90 decibels. Can’t hear it at 500 ft!).
* Frugal: 3+/- gal/hour on Unleaded or 100LL fuel!
* 108 kts cruise
* 1000 fpm climb
* 18000 ft ceiling
* 17:1 glide ratio! (enjoys a glider’s DNA!)
* 37 kts landings
* Comm: ICOM IC A210
* Transponder: Garmin GTX 327 Mode C
* GPS: Garmin Aera 500 (5xx)
* Complete lighting: 2.5 times brighter than FAA standards
* Designed for Training
* Large Instrument Panel
* Steerable nosewheel
* Comfortable
* Adjustable headrests
* In-flight adjustable pedals

Date Posted: Jan 9th, 15

Rental Minimums & Renters Insurance!

We recently updated the rental minimums for our aircraft and became an Avemco insurance partner. If you haven't taken a look at the new minimums, check them out! Or download them here.

If you need renters insurance or to renew, click here to get it!
(remember our mins are: $10,000 for damage to aircraft all aircraft below 200HP, and $20,000 for aircraft above 201HP)

If any of you are wondering what this covers here is a short explaination.  In the past we have asked that renters have coverage that only covers the deductable of our coverage.  But we have found that minor prop strikes can result in the aircraft being off line for months.  The aircraft owner is still responsible for their monthly payments and insurance payments during this time.  With no income the numbers start to add up.

Keep in mind this insurance covers you where ever you rent.  So it is not just a Justice Aviation coverage.  With this coverage you can concentrate on your flying without the worries of what will I do if someone smashes the aircraft after I parked it.

Date Posted: Apr 2nd, 15

Attention foreign Pilots!

The rules have changed when it comes to renting aircraft in the U.S. for foreign pilots. You now have to get a special clearance from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) before the FAA can issue a VFR license based on your foreign one. Check out the FAAs' website for more details at: http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/foreign_license_verification/

If you plan in visiting us here in Santa Monica this summer, you have to plan ahead! For all those pilots who already have the FAA license.....you're ok, once you arrive here all you need is a BFR to get current with us.

See you soon!
Justice Aviation

Date Posted: May 29th, 13

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